Terms and Policies

1. MASKOUS is a group buy service provider for surgical mask and anti-pandemic product(s) operated by iMille Trading Limited.

2. MASKOUS is NOT the manufacturer or product owner of the mask(s) and/or anti-pandemic product(s), all the claims, information, statement on mask quality and mask performance are listed according to the information provided by the manufacturer and/or product owner. MASKOUS and its affiliates will NOT be responsible for any misrepresentation, misinformation, product issues, complaints and their derived liabilities.

3. Any customer's purchase on MASKOUS and/or subscription to MASKOUS service will be considered to be subscribed to MASKOUS's newsletters and marketing messages, including but not limited to marketing materials from iMille Trading Limited and/or iMille Trading Limited's business partners.

4. No refund and/or return will be entertained by MASKOUS and its affiliates.

5. MASKOUS reserves the ultimate authority to change the terms and policies without any prior notice, and the authority to backdate any changes it finds suitable.

6. Your purchases information may be used by iMille Trading Limited and/or its business partners to customize the package content(s) and/or marketing message content(s).

7. MASKOUS sustains the business by offering marketing service(s) to third party partner(s). Your information will be used for marketing material segmentation and targeting. You will receive marketing materials attached in your package, sent to you electronically or physically. Please contact our customer service representative should you wish to opt-out from the marketing , opt-out fee may be incurred to compensate our service(s).

8. No refund request will be entertained. All subscription last for a minimum term of 1 year, cancellation request will only be applied to terms beyond the minimum of 1 year term. In the event no cancellation request has been received from the customer 30 days before the new billing cycle of the new 1 year term, auto-renewal will take place. I.e. if you would like to cancel your annual subscription, please notify us at least 30 days before the new billing cycle. 

9. We order the surgical masks in bulk and plan workforce in advance, all cancellation requests would only be entertained if raised thirty days in advance.

10. By default, all packages will be sent to you with non-registered postage (ordinary letter/packet) of Hong Kong Post or other service providers MASKOUS finds fit. MASKOUS would not be responsible for any loss or damages of your package(s).

11. By subscribing to MASKOUS services, you confirm that you have read and fully understood our policies and terms, and give MASKOUS your consent to all policies and terms, including but not limited to the terms listed on this webpage. MASKOUS reserve the right to terminate subscription at anytime without prior notice.

12. For any feedback and comment, please contact us at info@maskous.shop.

​13. For un-subscription related inquires, only unsubscribe@maskous.shop will handle and  entertain.